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Replica Omega watches price

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In 1952, Breitling launched the aviation timing series wristwatch, which was praised by the wearer at that time for its unique pilot wristwatch design and precise and excellent performance. The new aviation timing and coding meter first increased the original classic 43 mm meter diameter to 46 mm, making the data on the plane of the flight slide ruler clearer and easier to read. It also carries the popular B01 self-made movement of the brand, with excellent performance, stability and reliability, giving it new connotation.

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This red wristwatch ring is called "little red flower" because the logo of the dial uses the trademark rose which was widely used in the early days of the emperor. "Little red flower" was first launched in 2012, and won the "Renaissance Award" first set up by GPHG in 2013. Since then, "little red flower" has become a famous masterpiece of Qicheng Biwan series. In particular, the dial scale is decorated with retro brown, and the watch mirror imitates the arch lens, which is very popular in the middle of the last century. In 2016, with its own movement, the rudder released the Qicheng Biwan wristwatch with red wristband again. However, from the perspective of respecting tradition and retro, the taste of "little red flower" is still incomparable,

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The leather strap is more skin friendly and comfortable. It uses the same dark blue color as the dial and matches the design of the dial. At the same time, the unique pattern of leather also makes 1183-126 / 43 have more layers of design sense.

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