Replica Roger Dubuis watches video

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Replica Roger Dubuis watches video

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[market situation] when a good holiday comes, the weather will clear up. Another years Valentines day, even the air seems to have a sweet and happy festival atmosphere. Recently, when visiting the famous watch city of Xidan Hengli, the author found that they are launching the romantic feedback activity of "love witness Feb. 14". When they buy more than 10000 / 20000 / 40000 in the activity time, they can enjoy 288 / 688 / 1088 of the gift money for buying watches (the gift money can also be directly reduced for use). In addition, each time they reach a certain standard amount, they can get their corresponding gifts. This feedback activity can be regarded as a good opportunity to buy a watch pair. If you have a recent intention to buy a watch pair, you may take your partner to have a look and choose one on Valentines day.

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Through the sapphire glass back with corrugated edge design, the movement can be seen clearly?. The new Omega seahorse series 300 meter diving watch is equipped with 8800 top Observatory movement inside, realizing the excellent improvement of accuracy, performance and magnetic resistance of the new watch?. It has been certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (metas) to be the most advanced Observatory, resistant to strong magnetic fields up to 15000 Gauss.

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The inclined dial design directly leads to the change of the position of the crown. The crown on the top right of the case is so striking that it seems to be just a decoration at the corner of the case.

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