Replica Piaget watches how much is it

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Replica Piaget watches how much is it

Replica Piaget watches how much is it

Summary: since 2005, wanguobiao and Anthony Saint Ashbury foundation have cooperated with each other to support education. In 2013, wanguobiao launched a large pilot perpetual calendar watch with the theme of "Little Prince" for the first time, which made a great impact. Every year after that, the "Little Prince" family gradually enriched, including the use of platinum, steel, red gold case and other materials, and the timing of needle tracing And perpetual calendar and other complex functions, let the family gradually popular. It is understood that at present, there are many new products coming to Fangcaodis flagship store in Beijing in 2016. If you have friends interested in new products, you may as well move to the store for details.

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In addition to the rainbow ring design, the watch is also unique in the material of the case, especially the cool midnight black ceramic material is used to create the case. The shape is more domineering and handsome. This midnight black ceramic is also highly scratch resistant, which provides multiple guarantees for the wearer. The brand combines the low-key and steady color matching of the watch case with the bright color like rainbow, and the design is extremely ingenious.

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18K White Gold Diamond Dial, with rectangular cutting diamond time mark and white gold fluorescent Royal Oak pointer, 3 points with date display window. We can see from the figure that the ear, case, chain and dial are all made of diamond inlaid technology.

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