Replica Audemars Piguet watches comment

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Replica Audemars Piguet watches comment

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[market situation] the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching. Its a must to eat moon cakes and enjoy the moon. How can you enjoy the moon without a moon watch? There is no time more suitable than the Mid Autumn Festival. For watch fans, if there is a full moon night, its really nice to have a watch that can be used to teach and appreciate. However, with so many moon phase tables, how to choose them is also a headache. Recently, when we visited Beijing SKP Baoji store, we found that Baojis classique series moon phase watches are already on sale, with classic and elegant appearance and exquisite moon phase. Friends who havent figured out what kind of moon phase watch to buy can come to see this one, which is not to your liking. (wristwatch model: 7787bb / 29 / 9v6)

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The design style of this wristwatch is full of strong brand color and strong brand breath, which gives people a special aesthetic feeling. Refined steel / PVD case, exquisite and elegant. Different from the previous radar wristwatches, the dial adopts a hollow design style, which is located at 12 oclock on the dial and at the lower dial. Do not untie the strap to see the back through, you can watch the operation of the movement from the dial, improving the watchs ornamental. With a gold watch chain and inlaid design, every part of the watch chain is very radar. This wristwatch is one of the classic funds of radar. Dont miss it.

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In order to highlight the classic characteristics of wristwatch, the case, ring and chain are mostly polished to present a beautiful color. The bezel, chain and crown are treated with PVD rose gold plating technology, which brings warm color and integrates with stainless steel. It is fashionable and elegant, full of romantic taste, suitable for urban men and women.

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