Replica Maurice Lacroix watches comment

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Replica Maurice Lacroix watches comment

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The disk made of pink mother of pearl shell presents different visual effects in different light. The functions of small second hand, big calendar, hour hand and minute hand (eccentric) and moon phase disk are full of inspiration against the pink dial. On the eccentric time division panel, the main time sign is decorated with two vertical rows of bricks and stones, echoing the diamonds on the watch ring, once again giving the whole watch a bright and luxurious feeling.

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The watch is plated with rose gold in fine steel, and the time mark area of the dial is decorated with fashionable and elegant Paris pin pattern, which not only highlights the exquisite taste and adds the ornamental value of the watch couple, but also distinguishes it from the minute area visually, making the viewing more intuitive and clear. The watch is equipped with an automatic winding movement and is certified by the observatory.

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The highly recognizable lunar phases of the northern and southern hemispheres show that the eccentric layout is in perfect balance, moving from the previous 12 oclock position to the 10 oclock position. One of the calibration scales corresponds to a lunar month (29.5 days), and the rose gold scale displays the whole monthly cycle on the dial: new moon, first quarter moon, full moon and second quarter moon. The monthly phase display needs to be adjusted every three years.

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