Replica Audemars Piguet watches video

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Replica Audemars Piguet watches video

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Two timing buttons and stainless steel crown engraved with "B" letter of Breitlings new brand logo are located on the left side of the wristwatch. Through polishing and polishing, it has two impressions with the case. The top of the watch is decorated with anti-skid texture, with first-class feel, which is convenient for the adjustment of the time of the watch.

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Equipped with Langes self-made l043.2 manual movement, it has the function of self ringing. Every quarter of an hour and the whole hour, the wrist watch will automatically ring to remind the time. Of course, this function can be turned off. Against the background of gold sleeve and grasoti diamond pattern, the movement can also be used as part of the beauty of the watch, presenting a different aesthetic feeling. The movement supports such practical and interesting functions as the time display of time hopping and minute skipping, the musical time alarm device of every quarter hour and every hour, the small second disk, the up / down power storage indication (36 hours) and the stop second device, which is amazing. Well, theres not much nonsense. Lets listen to the whole point of self talk: (because of the noise in the background when shooting video in the store, its suggested that table friends turn up their voices, which will have a better effect.)

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[market situation] at the beginning of this year, bozilai, a Swiss watch brand famous for its jewelry and wristwatches, changed its brand logo, which means it will start a new journey. At the same time, it signed a contract with Li Bingbing, a famous movie star, to make the brand famous in the world. Recently, I learned that the Henri world famous watch center in Xidan shopping mall in Beijing has Li Bingbings endorsements in stock, with a price of 45000 yuan. At the same time, there are other classic watches for women and men in baoqilai.

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