Replica Maurice Lacroix watches price

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Replica Maurice Lacroix watches price

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Rolex diver series is really a classic among fans. People who like Rolex may know this classic series first. Between gold black market in 4500, blue market in the same way.

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[market situation] 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of rudder diving watch. At this time node of great significance for brand commemoration, the brand launched many exquisite and functional new products at the watch show. Such timepieces as Beckhams star "black gold axe" and simple stainless steel wristwatches were born this year, attracting the attention of countless clock lovers. After the new product exhibition, these wristwatches will be sold in stores one after another. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we visited the imperial monopoly store of Hengli world famous watch center in Xidan, Beijing. I found that most of the new products have been put on the shelves, including the Qicheng Biwan 41 wristwatch that I want to introduce to you today. Lets take a look:

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43.5mm precision steel case, polished and polished on the front and brushed on the side, showing two kinds of material and unique features. The smooth line of the case extends all the way to the ear of the watch, making the timepiece more suitable for the wearers wrist and ergonomic setting.

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