Replica A. Lange & Sohne watches video

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Replica A. Lange & Sohne watches video

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This new product combines red chalcedony, 18k rose gold case and watch chain, showing the ultimate luxury beauty. The case size of the two wristwatches is 27x22 mm. The case extension is inlaid with 24 bright cutting diamonds. After careful treatment of the brand, it presents delicate, luxurious and bright beauty, which is very beautiful.

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In this years new product, the flamethrower uses refined steel case material to bring a perpetual calendar watch with a large date and month display. With the famous flamethrower and its cockpit instrument panel as the source of design, the wrist watch of the worlds pilot flamethrower is another popular sub model of its own. In the complex and precise mechanical structure, the new perpetual calendar wristwatch of the fire jet fighter skillfully integrates the cumulative timing structure with the function of flying back. In order to make these complex functions present clearly and conveniently on the dial, it is necessary to carry out a strict layout and design of the movement, which is a major feature of the 89801 automatic movement. In response to such a complex function, the power reserve of the watch is still up to 68 hours.

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In Chinas ancient culture, there is a saying that "carp leaps over the dragons gate" to express the best wishes for a prosperous future. Therefore, people often bless others with Koi, expressing the good hope of "auspiciousness and happiness". This is especially true of the lotus, a symbol of the gentleman. It is famous for its high purity and lack of fame and wealth. The brand draws two beautiful things together to add wrist taste to the wearer, and at the same time, it also has a good wish of "good luck with each other". On the ivory white "grand feu" bright fire enamel dial with full porcelain sense, the vivid lotus pond scene and the elegant Roman digital time division dial set off each other, making the micro drawing technology and the timepiece manufacturing integrate, showing the rich connotation of the wristwatch.

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