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Replica Tudor watches video

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[market situation] the aesthetic appearance of yakedros time-sharing small needle plate series is really impressive. Previously, I only thought that the surface of the watch was like a small three needle or a big three needle. It went around the most central point to do a round and round walk, while yakedro made the design of the time-sharing small needle plate, which was set at the 12 oclock position of the dial with originality. Recently, when we visited the SKP yakedro boutique in Beijing, we found that the 2017 new rose pyroxene hour small needle dial wristwatch has arrived at the store. In a pile of black mens watches, the pink rose wristwatch looks very bright. (wristwatch model: j005003580)

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In addition, yakdro 2653 automatic upper chain movement is used in the interior to cater to the theme. There is not only a brand double star logo on the automatic pendulum, but also a pair of bird wings carved with gold carving technology. For women, wings have the moral of lightness and sanctity. They are the incarnation of angels. They hope they can be so flexible.

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Conclusion: Although the steel wristwatch is the mainstream of the market now, the noble and elegant of the gold wristwatch is what the steel wristwatch lacks. Plus the classic design and style of Puji, this wristwatch adds more connotation and elegance. The watchmate of this timepiece may as well enter the store of the brand and try it on. (photo / Jing Nan, history and Literature)

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