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Replica IWC watches comment

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The wristwatch is equipped with a metal watch chain. It is easy to wear with butterfly clasp. It is convenient for girls to wear and remove the wristwatch at any time. The metal chain is extremely soft, durable and convenient for daily wear.

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In 2010, Rolex Explorer Series wristwatch became a popular watch in the hearts of watch friends. Commonly known as "probe one" (explorer generation), it not only has a great improvement in technology, but also retains the steady and elegant style of the brand series, so it was widely concerned by clock lovers at that time. In 2016, the New Explorer wristwatch changed the pointer and increased the luminous part of the 3 / 6 / 9 oclock scale, so it is more different from the old one.

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Mother of pearl dial, the blue central three needle and the surrounding diamond time mark set off each other, indicating the time clearly and intuitively. 3 the position of the time scale is the calendar display window, which adds a practical function to the dial.

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