Replica Rolex watches price

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Replica Rolex watches price

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Perpetual calendar is one of the three traditional and complex functions in the world of tabulation. Bober arranges the small dials that display the functions of perpetual calendar on the surface of the dials to enhance the readability of the tables. Classic designs such as the round double ring case, Roman numeral and willow leaf pointer are also applied to this watch, giving this perpetual calendar watch an elegant and retro taste.

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39mm 18K red gold case with convex mirror makes the flowers on the dial more picturesque. The case is polished and polished, with natural and soft radian, which is very beautiful. One side of the watch is the red gold crown, which is engraved with the brand double star logo, giving the brand a unique style.

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I always mistakenly think that this Polo wristwatch is a pillow case design, but when I came into contact with the real thing, I found that this was not the case. In short, this watch is an external and internal pillow type case, but the internal pillow type case will make the inner part of the watch ring more tension visually, making the whole case have the shape of "pillow", unique and beautiful.

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